Wednesday, 1 June 2011

An evening with SHAYKH HASSAN 'ADLI

Al-Jalal Masjid, Luton presents

An evening with
Renowned Hafiz and Qari from Egypt who has mastered all 10 styles of Quranic recitation. Imam of the oldest Masjid in Egypt and Africa built and named after the great companion of Prophet Muhammad (saw) - Amr Bin Al-'Aas (ra)

- Short inspiring lecture
- Recitation of ALL 10 styles of Quranic recitation
- Shaykh leading the Maghrib jamat
* Sneak peek - YouTube video of Shaykh Hassan 'Adli recitation style in Hafs and Hamza - HD quality *

Shaykh reciting in Hafs -

Shaykh reciting in Hamza -
!! Enjoy ALL 10 Quranic recitation styles by Shaykh Hassan 'Adli by attending the event !!

Date: Sunday 5th June 2011
Time: After 'Asr Jamat, 7.00 pm
Venue: Al-Jalal Masjid, 314. Biscot Road, Luton, LU3 1AZ

Open to brothers & sisters (video link for sisters)
Brothers entrance to the Masjid via Biscot Road & Alexandra Avenue right hand side entrance only
Sisters entrance to the Masjid via Alexandra Avenue left hand side entrance only
Brothers will occupy first floor main prayer hall only / Sisters will occupy ground floor prayer hall only
Strict segregation will be maintained

For further information:

Tel: Saiful 07739850155
Facebook: Al Jalal Masjid Luton

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