Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Our New Website

Assalamu Alikum Sisters,

We have finaly managed to establish our offical website; http://sisterspace.co.uk/. From now on please check it for the latest news, articles and events in Luton and in the UK, the blog will NOT be updated, only the website inshallah. Please continue supporting us and if you have any idea or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us on our email: muslimahinluton@hotmail.com. Please bear in mind that our email remainds the same.

Asmaa Mursi,
Sisters' Space.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

‘Sakinah Mums and Tots Group’

Dar al Aminah presents ..

‘Sakinah Mums and Tots Group’

Sakinah Mums and Tots group provides a welcoming, caring, educational and supportive environment for mothers and the little ones of the community. The sessions take place Monday mornings from 11am to 12pm at Dar al Aminah.

Sakinah Mums and Tots offers opportunity for play, Quranic recitation and mums discussion with tea and coffee, and juice and snacks for the little ones. Our aim is to build bridges and through our lives reflect the love of Allah and His Messenger (saw).

Special Edition

An opportunity for Mums and Tots to meet together on Thursday 23rd June 2011, share experiences and seek advice from Ustadha Nagheba, renowned female scholar.

Time: 11:30-1pm
Date: Thursday 23rd June 2011
Venue: 52a Westbourne Road, Luton
Women Only

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

British Muslim women tackling stereotypes head on

London – When it comes to discussing British Muslim women, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we lead a one-dimensional lifestyle: the niqab (face veil)-and-nothing-but-the-niqab. The image of long draping black cloaks and sad-looking eyes comes to mind, and it is part of the discourse of defining Muslim women entirely by what they wear.

On the other hand, there is the danger of painting a “Pollyanna-ish” gloss on the progress that British Muslim women are making by taking the examples of those in the public eye. For example, last month Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party and arguably one of the most powerful people in the country, has been out in the press – and not because she’s a Muslim woman, but for defending the government’s spending cuts. She’s joined in the media by two female members of parliament in the opposition Labour Party’s shadow cabinet, and one of the presenters of the globally popular X Factor’s sister programme, The Xtra Factor.

It’s good to see the faces of Muslim women as part of the fabric of the nation, not because of the “Muslim woman” label but because of their talents and contributions. Yet this dichotomy of oppressed and hidden versus liberated and public is simplistic as well as untrue.

Most Muslim women’s existence in the UK is not defined by their decision to wear a veil or not, nor is it all glamour at the highest echelons of politics and entertainment. Like most other women, their concerns focus on the ordinary issues of day-to-day life such as education, employment, health and family. But, worryingly, they face additional barriers.

Take the arena of work. According to a 2010 report by the UK Equalities and Human Rights Commission, only 24 per cent of Muslim women in the UK are employed, and those who have little knowledge of Islam and Muslims are quick to pretend that this is correlated to Islam’s so-called ”oppression” of women by their families.

However, a 2008 report by The Young Foundation that looks at second-generation Muslim women concludes that such “common perceptions about attitudes and barriers are misleading – most women are supported by their families in their decisions to work”, adding that “some of the barriers which affect British Muslim women affect all women, such as gender discrimination, inflexibility, and lack of childcare. But British Muslim women also face additional challenges, including discrimination based on clothing and faith.”

British Muslim women, however, are tackling this head on. We have a generation of Muslim women politicians, community leaders, businesspeople and writers like me. We’re all working hard to change the narrative and create new images, stories and cultures. This will break the gridlock of the too simplistic stereotypes that hold about Muslim women and offer them the freedom and opportunity to define who they are on their own terms.

We must do this by creating a shared vision of a better future.

Take my own example: I set up my blog, Spirit 21, five years ago to provide an outlet for the unheard British Muslim woman’s voice. The BBC referred to it as one of the UK’s most influential Muslim blogs. It is quoted across the breadth of press and I am invited to be one of the voices of Muslim women in the national and international media. As a result I was named one of the UK’s 100 most influential Muslim women.

And my book, Love in a Headscarf, which tells the story of growing up as a British Muslim woman looking for love, is translated globally and sits at the number two spot on the bestseller list in India.

Or consider Jobeda Ali who organised a Cineforum showcasing films from around the world featuring Muslim women. Or Shaista Gohir’s Big Sister website, providing young Muslim girls with female Muslim role models from across the spectrum of professions.

Sarah Joseph, a British Muslim convert set up emel, perhaps the world’s first glossy Muslim lifestyle magazine. And Roohi Hasan is a television news editor and part of the team that set up Channel 5 news, one of the UK’s most popular news programmes. Meanwhile, Professor Maleiha Malik, a barrister and professor of law at the prestigious Kings College London, focuses on discrimination law, minority protection and feminist theory.

With such bright, innovative and motivated Muslim women crossing the frontier of so many disciplines, we must remain optimistic that the simplistic stereotypes will be forgotten and the richness of talent that Muslim women present will be recognised and harnessed.

"Shelina Zahra Janmohamed is the author of Love in a Headscarf and writes a blog at spirit21.co.uk"

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


To collect donations in Burypark for the victims of the Syrian revolution

Charity no. 3675179, Human Care foundation

Friday 17th June at 11:30am

Meet inside Coffee pot at 11:30am

Contact: 07723475604

Monday, 13 June 2011

SUMMER INTENSIVE COURSES 2011: Prepare Yourself to Reap the Benefits this Ramadhaan

With Ramadhaan soon approaching prepare yourself to reap the benefits this summer in our fast track programme, choose from up to six courses that will equip you to gain the most in this blessed month Inshaa Allah.

  • UK Annual Dawrah Shari'ah Course 2011 (2 Week Course)

  • How to Memorise the Qur'an (1 Day Course)

  • Hifdh Surat Al Kahf (2 Week Memorisation Course)

  • Tajweed ul Qur'an Intensive Courses (2 Week Courses

  • Al Kitab Al Assasi Arabic Language (2 Week Intensive Course)

  • Fiqh of Fasting & Ramadhaan Preparation Course (2 Day Course)

If you cannot view the picture above on this e-mail received, please copy and paste the following url http://www.tayyibun.com/summer2011.html


Sat 9th, Sun 10th, Sat 16th & Sun 17th July 2011

Register on any of the dates provided above between: (Male 5pm - 10pm) & (Female 10am - 4pm)

Registration taking place at our head office: Tayyibun Institute, 8 New Road (Off Whitechapel Road) London E1 2AX

VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL DETAILS: http://www.tayyibun.com/summer2011.html

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

7 Day Heritage Tour with Shaykh Abdullah Hakim

Andalucian Routes presents;

7 DAY ISLAMIC SPAIN HERITAGE TOUR £665 (an average of £95 a Day excluding flights)

Led by Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick of the Al-Maghrib institute
Thursday 9th June - Wednesday 15th June 2011

An amazing 7 day Heritage tour.... your chance to travel and learn with a renowned teacher and also discover the beauty of Andalucia. The tour includes:

All Accommodation in 4* hotels

  • excursions to all the main sites including the Alhambra Palace, Albaicin, Jummah at Granada Mosque, Cordoba Mosque, Museums, Forts, Madinat al Zahra, Jewish Quarter.

  • Lectures on Islamic History in Spain as well as Spiritual reminders

  • 2 meals a day includes breakfast and either lunch or dinner

  • All transport to all the sites as well as to and from airport

  • cultural exchange experience where you get to spend an evening with a Spanish Muslim family in the Alpujjara Mountains

  • All entrance fees

  • A tour guide who will be with you throughout the trip to ensure you get the most from the experience.

Please note that the tour is very competitively priced for everything you are getting in the package. Places are limited and are in very high demand. We advise customers not to confuse a guided tour with a package holiday. The benefits of going on a guided tour is that it is an educational experience. We ask all travellers to do some reading on the history of Spain before they attend the tour. Flights are not included in the price and must be arranged separately. The collection point is Malaga airport at 2pm. For more information please contact Andalucian Routes:

Tel: 0121 773 7522
E-mail: info@islamicspain.co.uk