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"The World is a Book and Those who do not travel only read one page"

Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity and experience

June 19th - 25th 2011
£495 (excluding flights)

The package includes:

* Accommodation for 2 nights in a private villa in the Al Pujarra Mountains with a private swimming pool and a barbecue. Bed and Breakfast

* Accommodation for 2 nights in Granada in a 4* hotel Bed and Breakfast
* Accommodation for 1 night in Cordoba in a 4* hotel Bed and Breakfast

* Accommodation for 1 night in Malaga in a 4* hotel Bed and Breakfast.

* Transport to and from all of the sites that you visit and to all of your hotels. All travellers will be picked up from the airport and dropped back off.

* Tour guide who will provide you with lectures and information on the history of all the places you will be visiting

*Entrance fees into all of the main sites:

  • The alhambra

  • The mezquita in Cordoba

  • Medinat Alzahra

  • Calahorra tower and Museum

  •  Presentations in Granada and in Cordoba where you will be given the history and a breakdown of some of the major events in the history of Islamic Spain.

As well as this you will be given the opportunity to interact and mingle with a new growing Muslim community in the Al Pujarra mountains and understand what it means to be a Muslim living in Spain today.

You will be given a guided tour of the Albaicin ( The Arab quarters) where you can visit the first mosque in Granada since the fall of the Muslims.

In addition to this we provide the option of one activity normally horse riding in the mountains but it is optional.

The tours are competitively priced and work out to an average of £70 a day. We are an established company and have been taking groups to Spain for 10 years.

Further information:

We always advise customers to not confuse a guided tour with a package holiday. The benefits of going on a guided tour is that it is aimed to be an educational experience and for people to gain the best out of their experience in Spain. With a guided tour you benefit from having a tour guide who can advise you on issues such as places to find halal food as well as other queries you may have. We advise people to do some reading on the history of Spain before they attend the tours.

NOTE: If you are interested in booking places on this tour we advise you to do asap as the female only tours fill up very quickly. Flights are not included in the package. Prices for flights go up closer to the time so to benefit from cheaper flights it is best if you book early. To book:

For more information visit our website on
07971 930655

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