Friday, 29 October 2010

Interview with young community care worker (Sabath Shazia)

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the reasons why you decided to organise the Luton Bazaar?

My name is Sabath Shazia, I am 20 years old and am studying Accounting full time at the University of Bedfordshire. With this, I run two businesses, work for Friends of Bright Eyes charity and volunteer for Hear My Voice, Islamic relief, LBBC, United Luton and much more. I do a lot of charity and youth work within Luton. I started this at very young age, from the age of 16. The Luton Bazaar has been running for many years now and the reason it is organised each year is to bring the community together, from all different backgrounds. Also, the Luton Bazaar is always organised on Carnival day, so we can encourage Muslims to attend the Luton bazaar rather than the Carnival. The Luton Bazaar is organised for both Brothers and sisters separate.

2. What is your current event about and what are your aims for the project?

At the moment a ramadhan youth project is being run by many sisters in Luton. It is for ages 4 to 16. The ramadhan youth project is full of activities, competitions, games and different sessions per week. This project is running every Sunday during ramadhan from 3pm till 5pm. The aim of this project is to encourage youngsters to know more about ramadhan, and learn more about Islam, but in a fun way.

3. How important do you think such fundraising events are for our community, particularly for our youth?

I feel it is very important to have community fundraising events especially for the youth of Luton. Such events bring the community together and all youngsters can get to know about other backgrounds and religions and work together as one team.

4. What was the response of the Muslim women who were involved, such as the volunteers who were responsible for putting the activities together?

All the volunteers and muslim women who were involved gave back a really good response. A lot of work was put into this event and a lot of time was given up, but the event pulled together well. The response was phenomenal as all the sisters are willing to come together again next year and do a bigger and much better Luton Bazaar.

5. How do you think that Muslim women and girls can contribute to this event? Do you have any specific expectations of them?

Muslims girls and women can contribute to this event by volunteering some of their time. They can put forward their skills and help out in different areas. For example, one might be good with marketing therefore she may want to design the leaflets. Someone else may be good at distributing the leaflets so she may get friends together and distribute the leaflets.

6. Are there any future events you are organising or hoping to organise?

Yes, inshAllah many projects, and events are coming up to get the community and youth involved.

7. Is there any advice you would like to give to our audience? Is there any specific advice you believe would be of benefit to young Muslim girls?

Yes, the only advice I would like to give is help the community as much as possible by getting involved and giving up some of your time. If we do not stick by each other today, no one will tomorrow. No matter what race, what background, what religion you may be from, it does not matter. Different cultures are what make an event unique and spontaneous. Stand together today and make a difference.

Sisters' Space would like to thank our sisters Sabath and Kishwar for their time, effort and contributions towards Luton Bazaar . Good luck to them and best wishes for their success and rewards from Allah.

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