Saturday, 21 August 2010

Precious raindrops

Shemiza Rashid, has written and sent in a wonderful poem entitled ‘Precious Raindrops’. It is dedicated to the victims of the floods in Pakistan and bears an important message reminding us of the urgent need for aid. A fifth of Pakistan is now underwater and the disaster has been called a ‘slow moving tsunami’.

Please read Shemiza’s poetry and reflect upon this disaster and the many victims who have been affected, lost their lives or those of their loved ones, as well as their livelihood.

Precious raindrops

So treacherous are these precious raindrops as they wash away her home, her house, her family.

She was asked, how can we offer you relief?

Brother, just a handful of grain before sunrise and sunset;

So treacherous are these precious raindrops, as they wash away her home her house her family.

Yet it did not wash her Imam, her Deen or allow her precious Ramadan to drown away…

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