Monday, 9 August 2010

Pakistan Floods :: Emergency Update


Islamic Relief have teamed up with the community of LUTON to raise £250,000 for the victims of the devastating floods that have hit Pakistan. YOUR HELP IS REQUIRED URGENTLY!

Pakistan Floods :: Emergency Update

Heavy monsoon rains have triggered the worst floods since 1929 in Pakistan's northwest, killing more than 1500 people and forcing millions to flee from their homes

Three days of torrential rains caused rivers to burst their banks in several places and unleashed widespread destruction in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, destroying houses, bridges, schools, roads and railway tracks.

Amongst the worst hit areas are Nowshera, Charsadda and Swat with hundreds and thousands of people without food, shelter or clean water. Islamic Relief have been on the ground with the people from the first day, delivering essential items including food, tents and blankets.

Islamic Relief has launched a £2 Million emergency appeal.
Urgent needs

£20 can buy a family hygiene kit
£40 can buy a food pack for a family
£150 can buy a family tent

Each food pack will contain a month’s worth of food based upon a family of five; the food will also be suitable to local customs and tastes.

But the main thing is that the packs contain 2100 calories per person, per day, for a month, based upon that average family of five. If they want to donate to the emergency fund, then we could use the money in the medium term to do some development; helping farmers get back to work, rebuilding homes washed away, etc etc.

Follow Habib Malik’s blog ( from the disaster area, for more information and DONATIONS visit or call 0800 520 0000

For further information about events, VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AND DONATIONS in LUTON please call 07983 391 398/07956 837 748 or email

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  1. The community of Luton are holding a fund raising Iftar dinner on 28th August. Please visit