Saturday, 28 August 2010

Appeal for Family Packs for the Pakistan Floods.

Appeal for Family Packs for the Pakistan Floods.

** Call us on Luton 01582 48 18 22 **

** or email - subject 'PIA Food Airlift' **

Inspire FM, with our Radio Ramadhan Charity Appeal, are teaming up with Pakistan International Airlines on their Free Airlift of Food Packs Appeal.

We have all heard about the disaster taking place in Pakistan, which has been described as a 'slow-motion tsunami'. Millions of lives have been affected by it - more than the 2004 Tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake combined.

Even now, millions are still on the move - forced refugees in their own country.

There are more than twenty million people without housing, there are three and half million children dying, there are thousands of people waiting for just one kilo of rice to save their life, or one bottle of milk to save a child.

The extent of the flooding is such that, had it occurred in the UK, it would have caused an area larger than the size of England to be underwater. More than 1,500 have been confirmed dead, with the figure likely to rise dramatically due to lack of shelter, proper nutrition and clean water...

You can help the victims by being more directly involved in the relief effort by providing a Family Pack. The Pack has been designed to provide food and liquids of nutritional value, to sustain a four-member family/group for 2-3 days in these dire times.

Upon shipment, this will arrive to the recipients within 36 hours, and will be delivered in Pakistan through NGOs (e.g. Red Crescent) and the Armed Forces.


A Family Pack would consist of the following items :

2 X 1.5 liter bottles of water

2 packs (one large, one regular) of sweet biscuits*

12 packs of 200 ml to 250 ml juices (with straws)*

7 small packets of crisps*

1 bars of anti-germ soap

1 large pack or 2 regular packs of salted biscuits*

1 box of dates

1 box of chocolates*

1 packet of oral rehydration solution sachets (e.g. Dioralyte)

1 X 1 or 1.5 litre carton of milk (long life)

1 bed sheet

Please leave the boxes un-taped since they will be inspected by HM Customs for clearance. These will need to be packed in a storage box following the set guidelines below :

Dimensions: 15" x 15" x 12"

Weight: No more than 15 - 20kg each box when filled

* Please ensure that all ingredients are halal. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact 01582 481 822 with your query.

Next Steps:

We have storage space to store your packs.

Drop Off Point

Bring your filled boxes to Dallow Learning Community Centre, 234 Dallow Road (near Kingsway).

There will be someone there from 11am till 7pm every day.

Make sure you stick with the guidelines as close as possible. At this time we do not have the space to store loose raw materials/items, so please bring only filled boxes. A seperate community packing day will be arranged at DLCC to drop off raw materials. [Date and time to be confirmed]

We will arrange for the packs to be delivered to Heathrow Airport and shipped to Pakistan with PIA. However, as this is an urgent appeal, we request that you start preparing your Packs as soon as you can.

Please help send this message to as many people as possible.

This appeal has been launched by Pakistan International Airlines (which is providing free airlift of the donated Packs) and Inspire FM (Luton).

For more information visit their website:

Highly recommended ...

Make sure you view this guidance video on how to prepare the Family Pack

To view the view please follow this link:

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