Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hinaaz - Exquisite and exclusive jilbabs

Exquisite and exclusive jilbabs

All praise is to Allah, the exhalted, May He send peace and blessings upon our prophet Muhammad,peace, mercy and blessings be upon him, his family and his companions.

 Hinaaz's policy is that the customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. So therefore, every care is taken to ensure that all our customers feel completely satfisied wth the purchase of unique, exclusive and exquiste jilabs and cloak designs.



  1. assalamualaikum. MASHALLAH gorgeous jilbabs & cloaks..jazak allah khair sister i love them all.

  2. I have seen them, they are lovely mashallah.

  3. May Allah reward you Hinaaz, Inshallah success to you means archieving Jannah. Keep on encouraging and motivating the Muslimah to dress modestly.
    I know for certain your jilbabs are exclusive and unique.

  4. jazak allah the cloak i bought of you, it is fabulous..Mashaallah..

  5. Assalamualikum sisters, jazak allah khair for your comments..with lots of love Hinaaz.

  6. assalamaleikum

    Mashallah, your designs are unique yet beautiful mashallah, thanks again for today, see you soon for some more abayas from you inshallah

  7. assalamaleikum

    Your designs are beautiful yet unique mashallah, thank you for today and i will see you soon inshallah for some more abayas.
    Keep up your excellent work!

  8. Salaam

    Ive seen your designs Mashallah they're really good but I wouldn't say they are unique, as I have seen ALOT out there that are similiar.


  9. Asalaamanalyk sister hinaaz. your jilbab the grey 1 i bought today mashAllah all my friends found it beautiful......... sorry abwt da ppink 1 u no wt i mean.. inshaa Allah i hope 2 c some more of your beautiful gawgus abayas........

  10. Assalamualikum sisters, thank you for your lovly comments, it feels wonderful to knw how you love my designs....

    sisters it would be nice if you can leave your names so i knw who's commenting.. c u all soon. xxx Hinaaz

  11. assalamu alaikum sis, where is your shop in luton also is it possible to view your designs online?

  12. Assalamualaikum wrahmatullah
    Sisters masha'allah i noticed you writing comments about beautiful jilbabs, and i couldn't help but wonder if allah has blessed you all with knowing the conditions of hijaab.
    Unfortunately some sisters don't know what hijaab is and although they think they are observing hijaab, they can be sinful and risk being punished in the hellfire because of beautifying themselves and making a wanton display.
    Please sisters if you love Allah and His Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) and you wish that Allah will reward you for your actions, and you seek to gain Allah's pleasure, read these articles inshallah.
    Here are the virtues of hijaab:
    These are the obligatory conditions for an ISLAMIC hijaab, with proof from Allah's Book and the Sunnah of his Messenger:
    The sinfulness of a woman displaying her charms (tabarruj):
    I ask Allah the Almighty, the Most High, to make me and you from those who attain His Pleasure, who do our actions sincerely for Allah and not for the people.
    And I hope that if i have erred that you advise me as your sister, just as i have advised you.