Saturday, 13 June 2009

Luton Muslimah announcement

If any sister would like us to publish an interesting article which may be of benefit to other muslimahs, particularly in the Luton area, then please feel free to email us at: would especially appreciate any stories pertaining to females, such as the Sahabiyaat (RA), or other pious and positive muslim women throughout history. Please feel free to send us your recommended articles and if you leave your name with us, then we will include it as the author of the article insha'Allaah. Also any news on activities relating to muslimahs in Luton, such as talks or courses, would be extremely welcome.

In addition you can email us about any services that you would like us to advertise for free. We would particularly welcome any advertisements regarding tailors, beauticians, shops, and any other services that would be of help to the muslim sisters in Luton insha'Allaah. Please feel free to make full use of this blog, we would be more than happy to receive your comments on any issue.

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