Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Do they not look at the camels how they are created ?‏

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful.

I seek his help and his support and increase my knowledge and pious
Do they not look at the camels how they are created? (surah 88,verse 17)

Can we count Allah's favour and bounties upon us?
Do they not look at the camels how they are created? How it is to help us in this life …
It has been fashioned is strange .it is extremely powerful and strong and big , yet gentle carrying our heavy loads and submitter and guided by a weak rider…subhan Allah.
Their flesh is halal for us to eat, benefits is derived from its hair, and its milk is drunk …subhan Allah.

Lessons drawn from these camels about patience and keep going with the hard hot weather to the right destination… be kind , be nice , be helpful , smile in your hard trip …as the creations (e.g. camels)of Allah swt is helpful for others …be jealous and protector and show care for your family as camels do … camels are not gays , camels don’t waste their times by listen to music unless we corrupt them , they are not selfish, they don't throw their kids in street without any care or merciful, they don't attack anyone , unless someone attack them and their family …camels our helpful creation … don't change the nature and the creations of Allah swt from what they created for.

The immune system of a single humped, dromedary camel is beginning to yield amazing secrets. For example, an increased ability to resist certain types of diseases including diabetes through the consumption of camel milk. As it is possible that the single-humped camels descended from the double-humped camel, scientists have every reason to think that a detailed study of the immune system of the wild Bactrian camel will yield scientific discoveries which will be of benefit to the whole of mankind. For example, how is it that the wild Bactrian camels survived 43 atmospheric nuclear tests and are still breeding naturally without any recognisable deformities? How has the wild Bactrian camel managed to survive on salt water that the domestic Bactrian will not drink?

The camel's antibodies find it easier to penetrate enzyme—active sites than human antibodies. This, and the relatively small size and weight of the immunoglobulin molecule, offer enormous potential, as it could be used to tackle diseases such as salmonella, TB, hepatitis C, skin disease and HIV, argued Jassim. Camel immunoglobulin could be used to neutralize a viral enzyme, he suggested. And it appears to be able to fight off various pathogens.


written by Amina

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