Tuesday, 19 May 2009

He is a Legend: Salahuddin

Al Jalal Masjid Presents
He is a Legend: Salahuddin
By Sheikh Zahir Mahmood (As-Suffa Institute)
- Open to brothers & sisters
- Strict segregation will be maintained

Brothers entrance to the Masjid via Biscot Road & Alexandra Avenue right hand side entrance ONLY

Sisters entrance to the Masjid via Alexandra Avenue left hand side entrance ONLY

Brothers will occupy 1st floor only (Main Prayer Hall)
Sisters will occupy ground floor only
Date: Saturday 30th May 2009
Time: After 'Asr Jamaat, 7.15 pm
Venue: Al Jalal Masjid,
314. Biscot Road,
Further info: Abu Amir - 07739850155


  1. Alhumduiliah, I am looking forward to this. Masha'Allah to Al Jalal Masjid for providing a facility at the Masjid for sisters to come and benefit on a monthly basis.

    I would encourage all sisters to attend and benefit as I know the Masjid gives the whole of downstairs prayer area to sisters. The area is fully segregated.

  2. I agree with the sister above! Al Jalal Masjid took a brave and positive step by allowing sisters to the Masjid! You may say why is it so brave to allow sisters to the Masjid? Its because of the context of how the Masjid was before it re-opened - very cultural and dominated by old men with no sincere outlook to develop the Masjid. Some of the congregation believe that women should not attend Masjids for what ever reason. I know through my brother that the brothers area gets packed and the sisters area would proof useful to accomdate even more brothers for their monthly talk. But I know from my brother that he has been told that the Masjid dawah shurah brothers have taken a stance to allow and keep allowing sisters to the talks regardless of how packed it gets in the brothers area. I have been to the talk many times and I reckon that you can fit 200 to 250 sisters in the sisters area but attendence at the talks have fluctuated from 25 to 150 sisters. So I would encourage all sisters to attend because Alhumduiliah we are being provided access to islamic talks in a way that no other Masjid in Luton does.