Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Quranic Arabic Tutor is now available

Do you really want to understand the Holy Qur'an? The English translation was never meant to be sufficient on its own. So why not break the barrier of the Arabic language and truly understand what Allaah Subhaanahu wa ta 'Aala is saying to you? Here is you special opportunity to have an experienced teacher cover the 'Access to Qur'anic Arabic' books (all of which can be bought for £25) in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Whether you are an Arab or non-Arab, insha'Allaah these 40 lessons will dramatically transform your understanding of the Qur'an. Make the most of this highly beneficial course and ask your friends to come along.

If you still need convincing, please read the following testimonial from a previous student:"Since taking this course, my relationship with the Qur'an has completely changed alhamdulillah. Only by learning Qur'anic Arabic does a person realise how much the English translation does not tell you. Learning this skill is definitely a vital and invaluable tool for any Muslim who truly wants to gain a deeper understanding of the most important source of our deen."

For more information, contact sister Asmaa 07716827306

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