Monday, 16 February 2009

Kixa Self Defence classes for women and girls

Kixa Self Defence classes for women and girls 8yrs+ only.
They are held Tuesday 7.30-9.30
Friday 6.45-7.30pm
 Instructors No. 07939094811

At Maidenhall Primary School-secure,private venue.

Joining fee Adults £25;Child £17.50. Fee each lesson £4 adult/£2 child.

Anyone interested can come along to view one of the classes and have a free taster session.

Learn self defence techniques whilst getting an excellent all-over body workout.


  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    i have been going kixa for 2 years now and many other sisters do too. It is a great all over body workout and it is fun learning all the punches and kicks! would recommend it to everyone. My daughters love it too.

  2. wow
    im definetly gonna try to attend!!!
    great affordable prices too

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  4. Yes definetly sis. would love to attend if I had the time and I has a car. great sport too.
    Just checked ur blog, mashallah its amazing. did u design it ur self?

  5. Does anyone know if this is still running?

  6. Walikum Assalam

    I will find out for you sister inshallah.

  7. Assalamu Alikum Sisters

    It is not on during ramdhan. The instructors number is 07939094811

    I hope that helps.